101 Tips to Increase Rent

101 Improvements To Increase Rent!

There are many ways you can increase rent. Usually a landlord will increase rent when it is time to sign a new lease, but will your tenants be happy if you do?

A property owner will increase rent on schedule as inflation and demand adjusts property values. The problem is, many tenants will become upset at a rent increase and will decide to leave. It’s hard to make everyone happy all the time, but here are 101 ways to improve your property value and justify that increase in rent.

Who is this list for?

This list is perfect for Rental Property Owners, Rental Property Managers, Contractors, Real Estate Flippers, and even Leasing Agents looking to provide suggestions to their company. All of these tips below will add value to your property, either from renovations or thoughtful improvements to your rental. We tried to make this list jam packed full of useful ideas, let us know if we missed any good ways to increase rent in the comment section below!

All of these tips will increase your rental income and put more money in your pocket.

101 Improvements to Increase Rent and add Property Value

#1 Community Garden Area

Have some spare space in the yard area of your apartment complex? Consider creating a community garden area where residents can plant vegetables. Just section off an area to be planted and have your tenants do the rest.

I have seen this in several complexes and it really makes an apartment feel more like a home for the residents. A community garden helps them feel like they have an investment in the property and it can also build a bond between the neighbors. Plus it really does not cost anything, just designate an area and your tenants will do the work.

#2 Plant flowers

Increase rent by improving the exterior of your rental unit by planting flowers.

Who doesn’t love a little color in their front yard?

This tip can work for a single residential home, or a massive multiplex.

Flowers add curb appeal and make renters happy to come home. Plus its fairly affordable.

#3 Plant trees

Create a welcoming atmosphere by planting trees in your rental’s yard. Not only do they look great, they purify the air around your property and leave the area smelling fresh.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

-Thomas Fuller

Side note: If you do not have the space to plant trees in your own yard, you can consider joining Team Trees! This is a cool project founded by popular youtube channels dedicated to planting trees all around the world. $1 = 1 tree planted. 🙂

#4 Fresh Paint Outdoors

Is your paint peeling on the outside of your rental property? A little scraping and sanding with a fresh coat of paint really will do wonders for the appearance of your rental.

#5 New Cabinets

If you have seriously old cabinets, the cheapest route is to repaint them.

Sometimes old cabinets just have to go though. You can find reasonably priced replacements at your local home improvement stores.

You can buy cabinets and have them installed from Home Depot.

#6 Egress window/add bedroom

Adding an egress window can mean adding an extra bedroom! This adds overall value on reassessment and means you can increase rent!
Image Source: cidbasements.com

This is one of my favorite tips because it can seriously increase the value of your rental property.

In most states a basement room cannot be marketed as a bedroom because it is a fire hazard if there is no egress window to escape from in an emergency.

Adding an egress window to rooms like this can add an extra bedroom! This dramatically improves the value of the house. Adding an egress window will definitely let you increase rent, and will also add massively to the valuation of your property.

#7 Hang Shelves

Does your unit or apartment complex have a laundry room? Consider hanging shelves for your tenants to utilize as storage space. You can also hang shelves in any closets if they do not already have them. Your tenants will thank you. Little touches like this help ease the pain of a rent increase.

#8 Refinish deck

How does your deck look? You can consider sanding and staining it, or even just putting a fresh coat of paint over it. Either way your front will be massively improved. When new tenants move in you can increase rent.

#9 Add A Cork Board For Announcements

Improve your rental units by having a bulletin board for announcements in the entryway.

This is an excellent way to communicate with your residents.

Are you having snow removal done and need the lot clear? Post it on the board. Maybe you are offering a “refer a friend” bonus to try and rent vacant units. This is a perfect place to post it.

Your residents will also benefit from having a place to post things too, such as lost item posters.

#10 Add Smokers Area/Post

Smoking indoors will damage your units and should be outlawed by your lease agreement if possible. However, you inevitably will have tenants who have the habit. You can encourage them to smoke outside by creating a space outdoors for them to smoke. It would be best to have it at least 20 feet away from entrances so the smoke does not bother other non smoking residents.

By having a smoking post, there is no excuse for discarded cigarette butts to be strewn across your property. Keeping your units Smoke free will allow you to increase rent on schedule.

#11 Allow Pets

You might be curious how allowing pets can actually increase rent. In your lease, you can create a special clause that defines “pet rent.” This allows you to charge an extra amount each month for allowing pets inside of your rental units. $50 extra a month is a great price point to start with depending on the size and quality of the unit.

Your lease already protects you from damages your tenants make to your property, so why not cash in and make extra monthly rental revenue? It is recommended that you require a pet deposit as well as the initial security deposit to cover the costs of pet damage on the front end.

#12 Provide Dog Waste Bags

If you already allow pets, you can go above and beyond by providing dog waste bags in an area of the yard to gently remind your tenants that they should be cleaning up after their animal. You can stipulate in your lease agreement that they can be fined if they do not pick up droppings, and having bags on site reminds them to keep the yard clean.

#13 New siding

Adding new siding is a fairly big project, but the results will transform the exterior of your property. New siding will make an old house look brand new on the outside. Advancements in engineering have made some pretty excellent designs and finishes of vinyl siding to choose from- no need to break the bank. Lowe’s has their own siding installation service you can check out. A brand new exterior will definitely let you increase rent.

#14 Replace Rugs in Common Areas

Increase rent by having a nice rug at the entryway.

Larger rental properties usually have a commercial rug company that cleans and replaces their rugs every few weeks, but smaller places can really benefit from adding a nice new rug to common areas.

You can find very nice rugs at thrift stores and facebook marketplace for very cheap. Even Walmart has affordable options under $50.

#15 Provide a Suggestion Box

Not sure how to improve your property any further? Just ask your tenants! Place a box in a common area for tenants to suggest ways that you can improve. Even if you end up discarding the suggestions, it makes the tenant feel like they have an active part in the property. Residents who feel included will not usually mind a reasonable increase in rent.

#16 Air Fresheners in the Hallways

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Find a scent that everyone can enjoy and put it in the hallway to cover up odors. There are several options to choose from- from time released sprayers to plug in air fresheners. It’s a small suggestion, but a clean smelling complex leads to a well taken care of building.

#17 Repaint Parking Lot Lines

This is a cost effective improvement that makes a property look more professional. Parking lot lines are a detail that goes unnoticed if lines are clean, but is very noticeable if lines have faded. Faded parking lot lines can give the impression of a poorly managed complex.

If your parking lot has already been striped, you can tape off the outlines and just fill in over the old paint with a small roller. Just make sure to use paint specifically for parking lots.

#18 Replace Towel Bars

Towel bars are very affordable and a new one can make the bathroom look cleaner. Nobody likes a loose towel bar with rust on it. Spend the $20 and replace the old and worn out towel bar in 15 minutes.

#19 Replace Toilet Paper Holder

The same goes for the T.P. Holder. You can buy a stainless steel one for under $20, or you can even buy a fancy one for less than $50. It all depends on how well the hardware will match with the rest of your bathroom.

Bottom line, a rusty toilet paper holder is unappealing in more ways than one.

#20 Hang Artwork in Common Areas

Add value to your rental property by hanging artwork in common areas.

Your hallways in your rental apartments are looking a little bare.

Add some simple artwork to break up the monotony and make the hallway feel more like an extension of the home.

Walmart and Hobby Lobby have affordable options, or if you are really on a budget, you can find bargains on facebook marketplace or in thrift stores. Just make sure the frames are modern or it will look like grandmas house, and frankly, a bit tacky.

#21 Add Plants in Common Areas

Plastic plants are as low maintenance as it gets and give a room color. If you have a reliable resident manager, you can even consider getting live plants that need little sunlight. Your tenants will appreciate the atmosphere improvement.

#22 Replace door handles

Does your rental unit have the same door handles since it was built in the early 80’s? Ditch the old ones and spruce them up with some brushed nickel or brass door handles. You’d be surprised how much of a difference new door hardware will make.

#23 Replace cabinet hardware

Do your old cabinets still have the original knobs? It’s amazing how new cabinet hardware can make them appear newer. Modernize your cabinets with brushed nickel or brass knobs and you can increase rent for the next tenant.

(Pro tip: Match your door handles if you can)

#24 Order and Install New Window Blinds

Visual improvements like updating the blinds in your units can increase rent

Window Blinds can really add to the appearance of a rental unit.

Cheap traditional blinds have a tendency to kink or break over the course of a renters tenure. You can purchase sturdier wooden blinds for under $50 and install them yourself. Not only do they last longer and are more resilient, they look awesome and can really make a unit look impressive.

#25 New light fixtures

A good electrician can swap out that dingy old light fixture for a new one in about an hour. You can replace those ugly lights from the 80’s for a reasonable cost. It would be best to replace all of them at once in a unit to avoid calling an electrician more than once.

#26 Install a Ceiling Fan

Since you already have the electrician over to replace those old light fixtures, you might as well buy one with a ceiling fan. Your tenant will appreciate not having to crank the air conditioner all the time.

#27 Fresh paint indoors

This is probably the most common sense tip. A fresh coat of paint in an older rental unit will make it look clean and inviting. Most rental owners prefer some type of off-white paint, but feel free to get creative. Make sure to use a muted color, or it will require several coats of paint to cover the next time it needs to be painted. You can find a local painter here.

#28 Kitchen Back Splash

Add character to your kitchen with a new back splash. There are several types available to choose from. You can install square tiles, patterned tiles, and they even have composite material back splashes to choose from at most home improvement stores. Just make sure to get a back splash that matches the price point of your unit, no need to over build.

#29 New Counter Tops

New counter tops is a great way to improve appearances and allow you to increase rent.

Similar to a back splash, a new counter top can really make a kitchen look impressive. You can buy a particle board counter top with a veneered pattern for relatively cheap. Modern printing has really made these counter tops attractive to the eye, and an affordable counter top can look much more expensive than it really is. Kitchen Improvements definitely justify a rent increase.

I highly recommend you look into replacing the Counter Tops if you think your rental needs it. Again, make sure to save the expensive marble for the luxury units.

You should be able to replace the counter tops with the veneered particle board for less than a couple hundred, including installation. Home Depot can even install it for you.

#30 Replace Shower Head

Nobody likes an old and rusted shower head. You can seriously improve the visual appearance of your bathroom by switching out the shower head to a new one.

#31 New baseboard

Many units built in the 80’s and 90’s have a ugly and cheap vinyl baseboard molding. Other units that have been repainted many times will end up getting paint drippings on the baseboards. Consider swapping these out with new wooden baseboards. An entire 3 bedroom apartment should be able to be done for under a few hundred with labor costs. You can even do it yourself if you’d like!

#32 New Window Trim

Since you are replacing the baseboards, why not replace the window trim? A good carpenter can knock it out in no time and the cost is relatively cheap. Just make sure to match your materials with the rest of the unit.

#33 Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in the past decade. With more patterns available for an extremely affordable cost, you can consider this as an option to fix an ugly floor in a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. You can check out different patterns here.

#34 Laminate flooring

You can really make an apartment stand apart by adding laminate flooring. Your tenants will be happy if you increase rent to provide this for them.
Photo Credit HomeDepot

If you are looking for something more durable that will last much longer, laminate flooring can mimic almost any finish you desire.

The price of this is above simple vinyl, but below actual hardwood. I highly recommend looking into composite flooring because the designs can be timeless, and the warranty can last for decades.

#35 Replace Refrigerator

An ugly fridge can ruin the look of an entire kitchen. Some old Refrigerators can rust and the inside can permanently stain from… well anything. Consider upgrading but remember not to overspend based on the quality of a unit. You can purchase nice simple refrigerators for your efficiencies, while stainless steel looks great in a renovated rental home.

#36 Replace Microwave

Same goes for the Microwave. While this might not be important to swap out in an older unit, I would suggest putting in a nice stainless steel Microwave for those units you are trying to get top dollar for.

#37 Replace Drip Pans in Oven

This is a necessity. New Drip Pans can really make an old oven look new again. Just make sure that rest of the oven is scrubbed out and you can really turn the appearance around!

#38 Replace shutters

New Shutters improve your rental's appearance and can justify a rent increase.

Are your old shutters peeling and cracked?

Consider installing some new shutters to really make the exterior of your rental pop.

Don’t want to buy new ones? Sand and paint the old ones!

#39 Crown Molding

Crown Molding can take a simple unit to the next level. Higher end units with vaulted ceilings look amazing when they have crown molding.

Just be careful not to overbuild an older unit with 8 ft ceilings. You don’t want to over renovate an older unit, it can look silly and is a waste of money. Use a simple 1 inch molding with an equally simple pattern in these older units.

Pro tip: Drop down ceilings in older buildings can be an eyesore. Use a simple 1 inch 45 degree crown molding to border around the ceiling.

#40 New windows

Swapping out old windows with new ones is a fairly involved process, but the benefits can more than outweigh the cost. Most new windows today come with excellent 20+ year warranties and can really change both the exterior and interior look of a unit.

Also, old drafty windows are terrible for insulation and new windows can drop heating costs dramatically. I’d suggest checking out Pella or Marvin windows. You can get a free estimate for installation here.

#41 Bathroom Back Splash

A beautiful backsplash brings a unit to the next level and lets you increase rent when the lease is renewed.

A plain bathroom can be transformed instantly by installing a Back Splash with a nice tiled pattern.

No need to spend a lot either, a few hundred can get the materials and labor done for a simple Back Splash. Make sure that your pattern matches the rest of the bathroom.

#42 Replace Bathtub Faucet and Drain Plug

Is your old bathtub faucet turning green with corrosion? How about the drain plug? Replacing both is an affordable improvement. Replacing the entire tub is much more involved, but sometimes can be the difference maker in renovating a bathroom.

#43 New Shower Surround

We have all seen ugly old shower surrounds that have stained orange and brown from age. Replace your old Shower Surround for an instant improvement on your bathroom. While it will still cost a couple hundred dollars, it can turn the appearance of a bathroom from zero to hero.

Pro tip: They now make one size fit all shower surrounds that can be installed fairly easily on your own.

You can get a free estimate for a new shower surround here.

#44 New Interior doors

Nobody likes those ugly and cheap doors from the 80’s and 90’s. You should consider swapping them out for new doors. Just make sure that the new doors match your current window trim and baseboards.

#45 Add texture to walls

Flat texture makes for a boring wall. Add some character to make the walls in your units feel more like home. Plus, texture helps to cover up any repair work that has been done. Any good painter will be able to do this when he repaints your units for you.

#46 Tile flooring

Tile flooring is a great improvement to your rental property and it can increase rent for the next tenant.

Bathrooms and kitchens look especially great with tile flooring.

While it can be a bit pricey, once installed tile can last for a long time.

A nice tile floor can really add value to a rental unit-which in turn lets you increase rent.

#47 Replace toilet

While this is usually not high on the priority list for an improvement, replacing an old toilet can really help make a bathroom look better. There are a couple of options to consider- like adding a low flow toilet to improve water costs or a handicap accessible toilet for senior tenants. You can find a local plumber here.

#48 Replace kitchen sink

Swapping out an old kitchen sink for a new stainless steel sink will make your kitchen look much better, even if you leave the original counter tops in. Parts and labor should cost less than a few hundred for this improvement.

#49 Replace Bathroom Sink

A bathroom sink is the centerpiece of a bathroom. Ceramic sinks with stains make a bathroom look pretty gross. While an entire new sink can be affordable to replace, there are now hundreds of options to choose from ranging from about 100 bucks up to 5 or 600. If you are going to put a really nice sink in, make sure that the rest of the bathroom matches.

#50 Replace Bathroom Sink Hardware

Corroded faucets and handles from the 50’s look outdated and tacky. Consider swapping out the hardware for your rental units bathroom. A simple new faucet can really improve appearances.

#51 Build in shelves with drywall

This is a labor intensive process so we only recommend this in luxury apartments and homes for rent.

Built in shelving covered with drywall looks extremely high end and can really add a personal touch to your luxury units to make them stand out.

If you pull this off it is is a huge selling point and will definitely let you increase rent.

#52 New Bathroom Mirror

Many older units still have the original silver backed bathroom mirrors glued to the wall. Replace it relatively cheaply with a new one that fits the size of your sink.

#53 New Carpet

Nobody likes shag carpet anymore. If you have an outdated carpet style you should upgrade. It can be costly, but new carpet transforms a room. If you need assistance you can find an awesome carpet installer here.

#54 Improve Recreational Area

This tip applies to larger multiplexes with a rec room. Does it feel warm and inviting, or cold and boring? A fun rec room can build a sense of community in your complex, which helps with retention. At the very least, make sure there is a decent table and chairs for residents to gather around to play games at.

#55 Paint Exterior Doors

You can really make an old door look new again with some wood fill and paint. Make sure that you use an exterior paint that is meant to handle different weather conditions. Stick to more traditional colors like white, brown, or sometimes red if it matches. Most renters will think you are silly if you have a purple front door.

#56 Add Toe Kick in Kitchen

If you feel like making your new baseboard even fancier, consider adding toe kicks, otherwise known as quarter round.

This can cover up uneven floors by hiding the gaps between the baseboard and the floor which makes everything seem more square. This is especially useful in older units with wooden floors where floor joists have heaved.

#57 Re-Caulk Bathroom

This is one of my favorite tips! Not only is a tube of caulk only 5 dollars, you would be amazed at how awesome a bathroom looks with fresh bright white lines of caulking around the tub and sink.

Pro tip: Just make sure NOT to caulk around the toilet. If there is a toilet leak from below, the caulking will trap the water under the toilet. As you know, standing water will eventually cause rot in your sub flooring. No bueno.

Stick to caulking the tub and the sink to dramatically improve the appearance of your bathroom. An updated bathroom will definitely let you increase rent.

#58 Add Storage Space

Your tenants probably have a lot of stuff. Try and think of creative ways to add storage space for them. Have a large room with extra space in your apartment complex? For a small cost you can frame in a section in front of the wall. Cover it with plywood and cut out squares for doors. Add some hinges and a simple lock for a padlock, and boom, you have extra storage space for your tenants.

#59 New Shingles

Old and stained shingles can really ruin the exterior appearance of a rental unit. Fresh roof shingles not only protect against rain and help insulate, they make the entire building look better. There are a million different colors and options. You can find a local roofing company here.

#60 Remove a Wall to Open Up Space

This is definitely a project, but is almost always worth the effort. Consider removing a wall to open up a floor plan in a house. Conversely, you can consider knocking out a wall in a 3 bedroom to convert to a more spacious 2 bedroom option.

Just make sure your contractor knows what a retaining wall is.

#61 Wallpaper

Who says wallpaper is outdated? Adding wallpaper to the right living space can look extremely high end. Just make sure the cost of installation is justified by the rent increase you plan to make.

#62 Furnish common area

Providing a space for your residents to gather can really foster a sense of community. Making an apartment complex feel like home is a key ingredient to keeping your retention rate high.

#63 Create a game room

This is a great idea for bigger multiplex buildings. Provide a space for your residents to gather and spend time together.

#64 Add a T.V and seating area in common area

I have seen this work in several apartment complexes. Make sure to do this in a secured building or you might end up with unwanted guests. As long as your building has controlled access, this is a great idea to provide your tenants with a space to gather and hang out.

#65 Furnish apartment

Providing a furnished apartment is a way to instantly increase rent.

Have you looked into providing a furnished living space?

You can provide out of town workers with a place to stay and also charge a much higher rent for the same space.

#66 Install a bay window

Adding a big window to a main living space can seriously improve the living space. Your tenants will appreciate the view and it looks great from the exterior.

#67 Finish the garage

If you have a home you are renting out, consider finishing the garage to make it feel like a completed home. Make it feel like an extension of the house. This is a great way to add value to the home and increase rent.

#68 Heat the garage

Since you are finishing the garage anyways, why not add a way to heat the garage? This is an excellent idea for colder climates and can really be a selling point when showing your rental to families and elderly folks.

#69 Install heated floors

Heated floors are a great option to add in a higher end luxury unit. A warm floor to step onto in the morning feels amazing. Heated floors are one of those things people really miss if they have had them in a previous home. People will definitely pay a premium for this feature. Install the floors and increase rent.

#70 Install new bathroom vanity

Adding a new vanity can make a bathroom look seriously impressive and allow you to increase rent when the new tenant moves in.

One of the quickest ways to improve a bathroom is to install a new vanity.

The bathroom vanity is the focal point of any bathroom and can seriously transform the appearance.

Just make sure the quality of the vanity matches the rest of the bathroom or it will look out of place.

#71 New washer

A new washer is a huge selling point in a rental. If possible, try to get a coin operated unit. This is an excellent way to increase rent and really adds up over the course of a lease.

#72 New dryer

Just like a washing machine, a new dryer is very nice to point out to a potential renter when showing your unit for rent. Again, try to get a coin operated dryer to add that extra income.

#73 Add Candy Machines

A candy machine might not let you increase rent, but it adds an extra revenue source at your rental property!
Photo Credit: Gumball.com

This simple addition can be a huge money maker in your apartment complex.

Those quarters add up very quickly. You can buy a candy dispenser on Gumball.com for about $170 and it takes about 15 minutes a month to restock them and collect the quarters. Just buy candy at your local walmart to refill the machines. You can make your initial investment back very quickly and have a great little extra income source.

#74 Air purifiers in hallways

This tip is a bit expensive but well worth it in higher end complexes. An air purifier really keeps the air fresh in your complex and reduces smells from other apartments. Your high end tenants will really appreciate this improvement, even when you increase rent.

#75 Replace closet doors

Old closet doors that hang funny are noticeable right away. You can consider replacing the old closet doors in your unit and add new hardware to really improve the appearance of a bedroom. Home Depot will even install them for you.

#76 Carpet stairs

Old stairs can be instantly transformed by adding carpet to them. It’s a fairly simple process and can turn an old set of stairs into something impressive.

#77 Add sliding door to porch

A new sliding door can instantly add value to your unit. Your tenants will appreciate a way to step outside, and it can also help with insulation and heating costs.

#78 Add a Coffee Table and Get The Local Paper Delivered

Larger apartment complexes can benefit from having a place for reading the daily paper. It’s a small touch that many of your older tenants will appreciate. You can find coffee tables for extremely cheap at thrift stores and even on facebook marketplace.

#79 Retread deck

A sweet deck will really add value to your property and allow for a rent increase.
Photo Credit: trex.com

Are the boards in your deck cracking or wearing out?

Retread the deck with new wood or composite decking material for an insane boost to curb appeal.

Trex has some really awesome materials, they’ll even send you a free sample and estimate.

#80 Replace deck rails

Since you are refinishing or replacing the deck boards, how do your deck rails look? Maybe they need a new coat of paint, or you can even replace them all with an updated design.

#81 Replace stair rails

Old stair rails can become loose if they have been in a unit for long enough. They also tend to get paint on them if the unit has been rehabbed several times. Consider replacing them with something new.

#82 Make unit handicap friendly

Your small multiplex of 4 or 8 could really be improved by adding a handicap accessible unit. This can be marketed to the elderly or people with physical disabilities.

#83 Add handicap parking

Make sure to have a handicap accessible spot if you have a handicap friendly unit.

#84 Resurface parking lot

A resurfaced parking lot will give a professional appearance to your rental property and can improve property value, which allows you to increase rent.
Image Source: nvmpaving.com

The parking lot will be the first thing your potential tenant sees when they come to view the apartment.

Consider resurfacing the parking lot to give the exterior a major makeover.

#85 Add shower rail

This is a perfect improvement for elderly tenants. Some might even ask that one is installed anyways, so it’s good to get on top of it and just have one installed before the showing.

#86 Replace soffit

Soffit is an area that is overlooked if it is in good condition, but is extremely noticeable if it is damaged or worn out. Take a look at yours and see if it needs to be replaced.

#87 Add new insulation

Adding insulation to the attic can dramatically improve heating and cooling costs. This will pay for itself in the long run.

#88 Add ceiling texture

Older units can have flat ceilings with no texture at all. Texture on the ceiling can decrease the appearance of bowed ceilings and make repairs much easier to disguise. You can really improve the appearance of a unit by adding ceiling texture.

#89 Central heating and air

This can be a costly improvement, but central heating and air is essential for a high quality rental. Window A.C. units are terrible for insulation and cost much more in the long run.

#90 Re-grout Floor

Increase rent and add value by fixing cracked grout lines.

Make those beautiful floor tiles stand out like they should!

Dirty and cracked grout looks ugly and can be fixed extremely easily. You can purchase grout for under $20 and fix this yourself in less than an hour.

Just match the color of your grout and follow the instructions.

#91 Replace Fireplace

An old and ugly fireplace can take away from the appearance of a living space, but a new fireplace can really make a room shine. Adding tile or stone around an old fireplace modernizes the area. This can be expensive, but in the right unit a new fireplace will definitely increase the value.

#92 Add mantle above fireplace

Old fireplace mantles look out of date and ugly. Adding a new mantle can bring your fireplace to life again. Any good carpenter will be able to install one for you, or you could do a stone one in which case a stonemason will help you out.

#93 Add Storage Areas

Your tenants will have a lot of stuff. Adding storage areas is a perfect way to increase rent. I have even seen owners build plywood boxes in parking garages mounted above parking spaces. He charged $25 a month extra for use of the storage space. Genius.

#94 Install an Elevator

This is a serious renovation, but can definitely improve the property value in a rental complex. Especially if it is 3 stories or taller.

#95 Add A Gym

If you have a spare room in your apartment complex, add a workout area for residents. They will definitely appreciate saving money on gym membership costs.

#96 Add Vending Machines

This is a great source of extra income for you. Best of all the vending machine company will take care of everything for you. Your tenants will also appreciate having a place to buy drinks and snacks without driving anywhere. People pay for convenience.

#97 Add a Tanning bed

This tip usually only works in bigger apartment complexes, but they do make vending machine style tanning beds. It’s a bit of an expensive investment to purchase, but can definitely be profitable in the long run!

#98 Add A Pool

A pool is a huge selling point for potential renters. You can add the cost of the upkeep to monthly rent each month between units. Your tenants will love it in the summer. Almost everyone will happy if you increase rent to install a swimming pool. You can find pool installers on Angies list.

#99 Add Closet Systems

Adding a closet system is a great way to improve your high end apartment and justify an increase in rent.
Image Source: HomeDepot.com

Closet systems are a very hot trend.

They look very stylish and really add organization value. Your tenants will be very impressed if their unit has one.

They make every style imaginable now, and the cost is relatively affordable for the improvement. Increase Rent and make your tenants happy at the same time. You can even find them at home depot.

#100 Build A Walk-in Closet

This might require taking a bit of space away from the master bedroom, but walk-in closets are awesome to have. They more than make up for the decrease in space in a master bedroom. Your tenants will gladly sacrifice bedroom space for closet space in most cases. And they’ll even be happy if you increase rent to build it for them.

You’ve made it! After exhausting every improvement we can think of for this list to increase rent, our last and final tip is….

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