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Hi everyone! My name is Nate Quick and in just one year I rented out over 200 apartments and generated over $1.2 MILLION in rental revenue!

I developed many strategies that enabled me to be one of the most successful leasing agents in my entire state. Now, I offer my knowledge to students all over the world and provide online courses and consulting services in Real Estate Rental Marketing.

Learn How I generated
$1.2 Million in 1 year!

Discover my BEST strategies for finding leads and keeping apartments filled!

In Rental Revenue

I started with zero experience

When I first began as a leasing agent, the company that hired me was near bankruptcy. They managed over 1500 units but only had a fill rate of 58%! I needed to perform immediately. The entire company would shut down if I didn’t help turn things around. I worked 80 hour weeks between learning how to market effectively, build listings, show units, respond to tenant complaints, and a whole list of problems that a Property Manager has to deal with.

By the end, I worked less but leased more due to my strategies.

Now, i’ve taken all of my knowledge and experience and laid it out for you on this website! 

Learn from my experiences and save yourself time.

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Find out closely guarded industry secrets that will take renting out your properties to the next level

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With our training, you will discover strategies that you can apply today that will help you for the rest of your life!

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