How To Create the Perfect Craigslist Rental Listing

Rental owners need to find tenants, but sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to advertise. One great idea is to create a Craigslist Rental Listing!

Craigslist is a free website that allows you to post things for sale, or in this case, list your apartment rental for rent. There are a few issues to watch out for when renting apartments on Craigslist, so read this quick guide and you’ll be a pro in no time.

It’s a fairly fast process to build a listing, and this guide will give you all of my tips and tricks to make your Craigslist Rental Listing stand apart!

Building Your Apartment Listing For Craigslist

Before you go to Craigslist, there are a few things to get ready first. 


Make sure you have excellent photos of your rental. You should have at minimum 6 pictures of the unit. Try and get pictures of the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and exterior if possible. You can check out our guide to taking perfect apartment pictures here.

Write Up The Listing In Word

Here is a pro-tip: Type out your advertisement in a document like word or wordpad. This way you have all of your text saved, and can just copy/paste the information into the listing when it’s time. It’s also convenient to have this information saved for down the road when it comes time to advertise this rental again.

Looking to build a perfect rental listing the quickest way possible? We have a free template at the end of this other article on our site! ->How to build the Perfect Rental Advertisement.

Posting Your Apartment Listing On Craigslist

OK, so you have your pictures and you have a phenomenal listing that highlights all the key features of your apartment and uses adjectives to excite people.

Now you’re ready to head to Craigslist!

Step 1. Select Create A Posting

Head to On a desktop computer, the top left has a clickable link to Create A Posting. Click it!

Click Create A Posting To Get Started

Step 2. Select Housing Offered

After clicking “create a posting,” select “housing offered.” The page that comes up will look like this:

Select “Housing Offered” After You Click Create A Post On Craigslist

Step 3. Specify What You Are Renting Out

After you select “housing offered,” this page will show up.

Select the Apts/Housing for Rent Button

This is where you can specify what type of housing post you are creating. Since you are creating an apartment for rent, click the “Apts/housing for Rent” button and hit continue.

After this screen, you will be taken to the page where you build your actual listing! Here is what the full page looks like-

This is what the rental listing page on Craigslist looks like

Step 4. Create a Descriptive Title

You will start your listing by thinking of a descriptive title. The title should be less than 9 words long so it is easy to quickly read and also does not get cut off in the search display.

You should be able to list at least 2 qualities of your apartment in the title, as well as an adjective or two to make it stand out. If you are looking for more tips on creating a title, you can check this article out.

Enter Your Title In this Area On Craiglist

Right after the Title are the sections to mark the City and the Zip Code of the apartment you are renting out. Fill these two out and move on to the next section.

Step 5. Enter the Description

This is where you will copy and paste your listing that you created in the word document from earlier. Make sure it is descriptive, uses adjectives, and has bullet points to allow readers to scan through and find important information quickly. Make sure you are descriptive, but keep the text under a page long. Renters do not want to spend more than a few minutes reading a listing.

If you need help creating your description, you can copy/paste the free template at the end of this article. -> How To Build Perfect Apartment Advertisements.

Step 6. Fill Out Posting Details

Filling out the posting details section on your Craigslist Apartment Listing is very important to show up in search results correctly. Craigslist allows renters to filter results based on the answers you give in this section, so make sure to fill out every section completely. Rent Price is the only mandatory section to fill out here, but give as much info as possible.

Posting Details on Craigslist for your Apartment Advertisement

Here are the things you will need to know to fill this section completely:

  • Rent: How much is rent per month?
  • Square Footage: Total Square Footage of the Apartment.
  • Housing Type: You should mark this as Apartment.
  • Laundry: Is there laundry in each unit, or a community laundry room? Is it Coin Operated?
  • Parking: Does is come with a parking spot? Garage? Underground Parking?
  • Bedroom Count: How many bedrooms are there?
  • Bathroom Count: How many bathrooms are there?
  • Cats Ok?
  • Dogs ok?
  • Furnished?
  • Non Smoking?
  • Handicap Accessible?
  • Electric Vehicle Charging?
  • Date Available

Step 7. Other Details and Contact Info

In this next section you will need to provide a place for your potential tenants to contact you as well as mention any Application fees the tenant will need to pay. You will also specify what type of information you will require to screen the potential tenant, like a background or credit check. (You should also have this info included in the body of your apartment listing.)

Contact Info for your Craigslist Rental Listing

The email address you fill in here is what Craiglist will use to contact you.

I highly recommend you click CL mail relay. This is to protect your actual email address from spammers who will use your email for unsolicited advertising. CL mail relay acts as a buffer between you and anyone who emails you. I also recommend you show your phone number, and allow texts as well as calls. Many tenants will send a quick text but avoid making a phone call. This maximizes your chance of getting a potential lead from this listing.

The final section is to show the actual address of the unit you are renting out. Click “show my address” so potential renters can find it on google earth and get a look at the apartment on their own first.

Step 8: Copyright and Waiver

Both of these sections can be ignored. If you click the first box you are consenting to allow people to contact you with advertisements. The second box only should be filled out if you are posting on behalf of a business with a commercial advertisement.

Awesome! You are almost done with your listing. Click Continue.

Step 9: Google Maps Location

After you have completed the listing and hit continue, it will bring you to a Google Maps page. Double check that it has autofilled the address correctly and shows your rental’s location on the map. Click Continue!

Step 10. Upload High Quality Images

Now you have come to the step where you upload your images of your apartment.

Make sure to put your best image first, it will be the display picture for your advertisement! You can reorder the images after you have uploaded them too.

Once you have uploaded all of your images, click “done with images.”

Step 11. Double Check and Click Publish!

In this step double check all of your information is correct and formatted the way you want. You can edit this later, but it’s best to make sure that everything is good now.

Step 12. Check your Email and Confirm the Listing

You did it! The only thing left to do now is to open your email and click the link to verify the posting you just made. And just like that, you have a high quality Craigslist Rental Listing for the whole world to see.

Step 13. Duplicate the Listing, and Re-post all Listings Daily

Quantity of advertisements is very important when you are trying to get an apartment rented out fast on Craigslist. There are thousands of ads posted there everyday since it is a free site for advertising. You will have the best chance of being seen if you have multiple listings for the same apartment.

Simply recreate the same listing, just change the title, and the cover picture. I used to have 5 listings for the same apartment going at all times on Craigslist. This gives you the best chance at your advertisement being seen.

Once you have built all of your listings, you have the ability to renew them every 24 hours! This takes less than 5 minutes to do and bumps your advertisements back to the front of the line!

Happy Craigslisting!

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