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How To Take Perfect Apartment Pictures For Listings

Taking Apartment Pictures seems simple, but having a perfect picture for your Apartment Listing is essential to getting it rented quickly. The very first thing your potential renter will see when searching for apartments online is the picture!

Follow this quick guide to learn how to take the absolute best photos and maximize your chances of catching the attention of a renter online.

Step 1: The Camera For Your Apartment Pictures

It goes without saying that a higher quality camera will take better photographs. If you own rental properties, a decent camera would be an excellent purchase to help with your marketing. You will even be able to write this purchase off at the end of the year when you file your taxes.

If you are having trouble filling your apartments, buying a quality camera will massively improve the quality of your apartment advertisements. A picture says more than your listings ever could.

Many people use their phones to take pictures. Some camera’s on phones take decent pictures, but having an actual camera is much better.

I cannot stress enough that a good picture is essential to getting an apartment rented quickly.

There are many options when considering a camera, but for roughly $1000 you can have a top of the line camera that will take perfect photographs of your Apartment. Nikon is the brand that I have always used when taking pictures.

Step 2: Photo Editing Software

This is not necessary, but will allow you to make your great pictures look perfect. There are times where a room looks dark when taking interior pictures, but this can be fixed quite well by using a photo editing software. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, tint, and many more features of your photos with an editor.

Adobe Photoshop is hands down the best photo editor available for professional photo editing on your computer. You can basically do everything with this program.

If you do not have a camera, this guide will teach you everything about editing your pictures off your iPhone!

Step 3: It’s All About The Angles

So you have your camera and your editing software ready. Now it’s time to actually take your Apartment Pictures! If you are trying to build the perfect listing, here are all of the pictures I recommend taking.

  • Outside Front
  • Outside Back
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Basement
  • Other Rooms

Outside Front

If you are renting out an apartment in a complex, a picture of the front of your building is nice to show your potential renters right off the bat. This way they know what the exterior of their potential home looks like.

Make sure its sunny when you take this picture! You should definitely wait until the weather cooperates to take this picture. (You’ll thank me later.) It’s best if there are few clouds in the sky as well. A bright blue sky looks great in the background of your picture and gives a great contrast to the front of your building.

You might need to stand way back in the street to get a good angle. There are a couple of options with doing the outside front photo: Head on, or at an angle.

The entire building should be in your photo, with a bit of sky/grass in the border to make the building stand out more. Try and center the front door in the middle of the picture and back up until you see sky in the top of the photo and grass at the bottom.

If your building is bigger, it might be a better angle if you take the picture from the corner with part of the side showing. Your main focus should still be the front of the building, but the side angle can add a bit of depth to the picture.

Outside Back:

For an apartment complex, photographing the outside back isn’t really necessary unless there is a distinguishing feature to showcase. A good example would be to take a photo of a basketball court or possibly the garages if your unit has them.

If you are taking a picture of a house for rent, take a picture of the back porch or the fenced in backyard. Other than that, there really is not a reason to showcase the back of your apartment complex.


Some bedroom apartment pictures can be tricky to take. Make sure to get as much natural light inside as possible. Open the blinds and let the sun in.

If no natural light is possible due to no windows or shaded areas, do the opposite. Close the blinds and turn the lights on. Usually the best way to take a picture of a bedroom is to get as far back into the corner as you can. You can even hold the camera directly in the corner with the lens facing out to take your picture. This allows for the widest angle possible. It showcases the entire space, plus it makes it look bigger in the picture.

Try and include any noticeable features of the room, like a ceiling fan or the closet doors. If there are hardwood floors, hold the camera up higher and tilt it slightly down to show them. If the floors are just carpet, sometimes you can get a decent picture by holding the camera lower and angling the lens upward slightly.

Take multiple pictures at each angle you would like to try and then pick and choose the nicest ones later in the editing process.


The kitchen is one of the best areas to take apartment pictures that show off the best features.

Focus on the nicest parts that you can in the kitchen. Usually a good rule of thumb is to center the kitchen sink in your photograph, but sometimes you will need to get creative because of the layout. Get as much of the kitchen as possible in your picture.

Again, take multiple photos. This way you can select the best ones when you get your photos on your computer and can see them on a full screen.

Make sure to take pictures of new counter tops, new appliances, and the back splash if there is one. If you are looking for more ideas to update your rental before you take your pictures, here is a massive list!


This area can be tricky to photograph because sometimes the bathroom can be crowded. I would start in the doorway and pull the camera out as far as you can without getting the door jamb in the shot. This way you can show off as much of the room as possible.

You can also stand in the bathtub and pull the camera close to the wall while standing out of frame. This is helpful to show off a nice vanity or sink that has been installed.

If the bathroom has tiled floors or walls, definitely take pictures of those to add into your rental listing. Those are huge selling points and people will really appreciate you taking the time to show them the entire unit before they set up a showing.


This is optional and only for homes for rent. If the basement is not finished, there is no need to include photos of it in your listing.

If the basement is finished however, repeat the same process as you would for the bedrooms. Close the blinds and turn all of the lights on to get the best exposure you can. Highlight special features like new flooring and try and fit as much as you can into one photo.

Other Features:

This is where you would photograph any extra Amenities that weren’t covered in the rest of the areas. Do you have an extra storage space for your tenants? Showcase that feature. Underground Parking Garage? Show that off too.

You can show the common areas and laundry room too, but only if they are in good shape and make a nice picture.

Step 4: Select The Best and Edit!

This is the last step. You have gone through and taken excellent apartment pictures, now all that’s left is to pick the best of the best and edit them!

There are many courses that will teach you exactly how to edit your photos perfectly. To keep this guide simple, I will not go into all of that here.

The easiest advice I could give for that would be to play with the brightness and saturation bars on your photos to make them stand out. If you would like an in depth guide on how to edit your Apartment Photos in Photoshop, click here.

There you have it! A quick guide that will let you take excellent Apartment Pictures to use in your listings. The best part is, once you have the photos saved, you can keep them and reuse them the next time the rental becomes vacant.

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