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Real Estate Rental Owners Are Facing This Crisis

Hey there! My name is Nate Quick, and I have worked with Rental Owners that have every type of Real Estate Portfolio imaginable.

In just one year, I leased over 200 apartments and generated over $1.2 Million dollars in rental revenue!

How did I do it?

I will be the first to tell you there was a major learning curve. Through consistent effort and studying, (and 80 hour work weeks) I helped turn a company facing bankruptcy into the hottest property management company in my state.

Below is my personal success story.

Let me start by telling you exactly why I created

The Biggest Problem Facing Real Estate Rental Owners

To put it bluntly- Rental property owners in the United States are facing a major crisis. No, it’s not the fact that jobs are disappearing, or the fact that we as a nation keep adding on more debt. It’s not even the fact that our economy is facing difficulties, or that our homeless population is growing.

Our population as a whole is slowly decreasing.

Check out the chart below from the The United States Census Bureau. Our population has been steadily decreasing since 2007. Due to a busier lifestyle, many people are having children at a later age, and many are deciding against having children at all. As a result rentals will become more difficult to fill with tenants. As you can see, we are on a massive downtrend.

Slower Growth for Nation's Population[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

What does this mean for rental property owners?

To put it bluntly, vacant units. There is no way to rent out a house or apartment if there is a major population decrease.

As our nation continues to build brand new Apartment buildings, we will inevitably reach a point where we have overbuilt new apartments for the population. Combine that with the digital age of paid advertising online, and gradually it will become more and more difficult for the average rental owner to keep a good apartment fill rate. Truth be told, average rental property owners are already struggling to keep units filled with reliable renters if they haven’t already begun to adapt to the digital age that we find ourselves in.

Does this sound familiar at all to yourself?

I am not pointing these statistics out to depress you. On the contrary. I am here to help and to encourage you! There is always opportunity when things change.

Looking for help now? Here are some articles that will instantly help you rent more apartments or houses!

Here is my story, and why I Know there is A Massive opportunity for you!

In January of 2017, I was hired as a leasing agent for a local property management company in my hometown of roughly 100,000 people. The company I worked for was extremely successful in the 80’s and 90’s, and did a fairly good job of filling units when renting was primarily telephone based. Back then It was known all over my hometown as a reputable company, and over time they grew to manage a fairly large assortment of residential rental properties.

I should mention at this point that this company was extremely old school. The business model they had used in the 90’s had not been updated at all since the digital boom. Most of their ledgers weren’t even on a computer! Many of their accounts were managed on PAPER ONLY.

By the time I was hired, they managed over 1500 units, but I quickly found out shortly after they only had a fill rate of 58%!

As you can imagine, they were on the verge of losing many of their contracts to manage these properties, and the company was even facing the prospect of bankruptcy.

The extent of their marketing expertise was a few billboards and putting a vacancy sign on the front yard with a phone number to call. As you may know, this worked just fine in the 90’s, but in today’s society people absolutely HATE to talk on the phone. If a person can’t find what they want online, they will usually look somewhere else for an apartment or house for rent.

The Making of a Great Property Management Company

My initial position paid a meager salary of 400 per week. The only saving grace was there were commission based incentives. They absolutely needed me to start flipping units as fast as possible, and I came to quickly find out that if I didn’t perform, not only would I lose a job but the entire company would go down.

The first month was fairly slow. There was a massive learning curve as I found the best way to find qualified renters. I was brand new to the game and was learning something new every day. It soon became obvious that if we as a company wanted to compete with the rest of our city, (and if I wanted to pay my car note), we needed to have an edge.

That’s when I began to formulate and implement different marketing strategies accumulated over many late nights of studying.

Slowly but surely through trial and error I began to have massive success. My initial marketing work turned into daily maintenance, and even though by the end I was working less, I was renting more and more.

After a few months, my successes had become the talk of my town in the property management circles. I even developed relationships with several real estate agencies in my town who saw what I was achieving and were interested in learning more. My face was all over social media, and my companies brand was right next to it.

How much was I spending on Marketing Rental Properties?

Here is the kicker. I had a ZERO dollar advertising budget. All of my success was from good old fashioned organic traffic.

By the end of my first year there, I had rented over 200 units at 1 year leases. At an average of $500 per unit (some much more, some less) that equated to over $1.2 million dollars in rental revenue! Not only did I help myself earn commissions, I helped all of my teammates at the company I was at. As they learned from my strategies, they began to rent more and more apartments themselves. Our whole team became extremely efficient and by the end of the year we were all crushing it.

Check this out-

As a team, we had improved from a 58% percent fill rate to a respectable 90%! That’s over 600 units rented by a team of 5 in just 1 year! When I had arrived the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, and by the time I left it was back on top and was even taking on more properties.

Other rental Companies began to copy my Rental Marketing Strategies!

By that point my concepts were being utilized by other management companies in my city. Why were people copying my strategies? Not necessarily because they were intricate or overly clever, but because they are SIMPLE and they WORK.

Anyone can learn to do what I achieved. My mission now is to teach all of my students exactly how I did it! I am so confident that you can rent out your own units, I will 100% guarantee that you will decrease your vacancies if you follow my proven marketing strategies.

I am here to make sure you stay ahead of the digital curve. The sooner you start planting your online seeds now, the better off you will be in the future.If you are wondering how to rent out a house or apartment, you have come to the right place! My free information through is perfect for small time property rental owners and is jam packed with my years of experience and expertise marketing online. If you have several apartments or homes that you need to find reliable tenants for, you can even consider purchasing my online course! My main goal is to provide for everyone’s needs and to actually teach you something you can utilize for the rest of your lives.

Take Your Renting To The Next Level

Besides being able to find tons of free information through my platform, I also have compiled my best strategies into easy to understand courses that are available for purchase. Just ONE rental from my course will more than triple the cost of your investment. A single 12 month lease for the cheapest efficiency apartment can provide a minimum rental revenue of $3000 extra per year for you to use as you see fit.

I have full confidence I can help you rent out any property at any cost- The sky is the limit for your investment in my course!

I am extremely glad you are here and have made it this far. This website contains completely free content for beginner real estate rental owners who wish to improve their business. My main goal of this platform is to provide a valuable service to all property owners, and I have developed a massive amount of resources to help rental owners of all sizes.

My Real Estate Rental Courses Will Teach You Exactly How To-

  • Utilize Social Media to drive leads
  • Build the Perfect Rental Listing
  • Increase Unit Retention Rate
  • What to look for when choosing a Property Management Company
  • Close Deals
  • Internet Marketing Optimization for Rentals
  • Plus Tons of other Inside Information for Renting Units

Maybe you own a duplex and want to rent out the other half? I’ll teach you strategies to find the perfect tenant! Own a 20-plex with 8 vacancies? No sweat, we can get that filled up in no time. Live in a rural area and feel like you can’t seem to find anyone? With my help your outreach is unlimited. Do you have multiple mulitplexes and are struggling to get qualified tenants? My strategies will go above and beyond what you thought possible for yourself.

Bottom line, I have helped fill units of all shapes and sizes, costs and qualities. From efficiencies the size of broom closets to top of the line brand new luxury apartments, my students can rent out any unit. All it takes is a little studying, and a little effort applying what I am teaching. I have complete confidence in my process and complete confidence in YOU.

Our Rental Course is Coming Soon! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when it launches! 🙂

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